Here is Expe Aventure Motoneige

In partnership with the Auberge Chez Ignace, we offer star or itinerant snowmobile tours on marked trails accessible to all.

A la carte proposals ranging from a few days to a week or more.

You have three options:Snowmobile trail

  • In star with return every evening at the Auberge "Chez Ignace".
  • By roaming with change of accommodation every day.
  • For multi-activity stays: snowmobiling - dog sledding - snowshoe walking for half or full day.

You will discover the snowmobile and the joys of driving. Raids accessible to all!

  • Our rates are based on double occupancy room, 1 person per snowmobile, full accomodation, equipment and fuel.
  • Contact us for 2 people by snowmobile or single room.
  • These rates do not include air transportation.

We support you in the organization and development of your snowmobile raid on different circuits departing from the inn Chez Ignace. You will be picked up at Montreal-Trudeau Airport (YUL) by the transporter « l’Étoile du Nord » who will take you to the Inn.

Please note, depending on the weather or the trail conditions, some stages may be modified.

Tours available

Package Multi Activities : 500 Km starting at 2023 prices soon CAD per person

Package in star : 700 Km starting at 2023 prices soon CAD per person

Package in roaming 800 Km starting at 2023 prices soon CAD per person

Package in roaming 1100 Km starting at 2023 prices soon CAD per person


Tour in roaming : 1200 Km

Each accommodation includes dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.
Let us surprise you. You will go on a traveling raid by changing accommodation every day. You will discover breathtaking landscapes. Moments of emotion, where you will see virgin and wild nature. Each stage of the raid leaves time to observe nature and immortalize this experience with your photos.

Auberge chez Ignace in winterDay 1 :

Arrival at Montreal Trudeau Airport (YUL). Pick-up by the transporter "l'Etoile du Nord", which will transport you to the hostel Chez Ignace.

Club Gatineau outfitterDay 2 :

Departure from Chez Ignace by the Trans Québec 63 called Le Petit Train du Nord to Mont-Laurier where we will make a small supply for the snowmobiles. Then direction Windigo Falls and La Montagne du Diable where we will have our lunch break and also photos, it is a beautiful place. From there we will go to the Club Gatineau outfitter to spend the night there, passing by the César falls, about 150 km.

ClovaDay 3 :

This 2nd stage will take us to the Le Fer à Cheval outfitter where we will have our lunch break and snowmobile refueling. After a hearty meal we will leave to reach Clova, a small hamlet of a hundred souls, about 270 km. Small feature, we will sleep in the old school converted into a very welcoming hotel and restaurant.

Day 4 :

For our 3rd stage, we will first take the unique Trans Quebec 83 trail to the Lac Faillon outfitter where we will have lunch and refuel the machines. After this break, we will go to Senneterre, then we will stop at Obaska at the Auberge du lac Tiblemont to spend the night, approximately 300 km.

Pavillon LavérendryDay 5 :

Departure from Obaska in a southern direction. Passage of several lakes and rivers. 1st snowmobile refueling in Louvicourt to then resume our descent to arrive at Kitcisakik, Amerindian village where we will have our lunch break. We will finish this stage by reaching the Vérendrye pavilion where we will spend the night, around 180 km.

Day 6 :

This final stage will be the longest, around 320 km. Leaving the Vérendrye Pavilion early enough to make the most of this long day. Crossing the wildlife reserve, La Vérendrye and technical stop at the domain to feed our snowmobiles. We will then eat at the Classic, a small restaurant-motel. After refilling the machines and the pilot we will take the path towards the Inn Chez Ignace where our adventure will end.

Day 7 :

Everything is coming to an end and unfortunately, you will have to leave but we hope that your stay will have been very pleasant and that you will leave nostalgic with images and memories in your head, the pleasure of seeing you again ... Leaving for Montreal Trudeau Airport at 11AM.

Day 8 :

Arrival to your final destination.